SOME me members of society maintain that raising a strong boy means discouraging tears. It is really sad how the society has the way of shaming a man or boy who seems to show emotions to matters which hurt because abstaining of tears is a sign of bravery. It often those cases when one could have shed a  tear and be able to move on with life, however, the spectacle of society state that the heroism of Men is in never crying because crying it is a sign of weakness.The is really this connotation which starts that big  boys do not cry , it seems like  holding back  tears is only to show how brave you are and to be called names such weak, sissy or whatever word which fits which seems to shame boys or men who show emotions to situations which for them it becomes hard to hold back tears. often seems crying it to be un-masculine and something inherently wrong with a guy.

I will discard the idea that men should be forced to internalize their feelings because of their gender and I will forcibly dissociate myself from all branches of societal thought that would prefer the average male citizen to deal with their own inner turmoil, depressive episodes, and even suicide, before discussing their problems and concerns with others. Before I begin my refutation of the idiotic statement big boys don’t cry, I will give a few insightful statistics about male depression and suicide that may allow us to understand the epidemic we are dealing with. Around 800,000 people commit suicide every year (WHO 2016), a large number of which are young males unable to face the pressures of life and who feel that nobody wants to listen to what they have to say.

Males are particularly more prone to death by suicide than female because of the norms of societal norms which state that men do not cry, since it always said that Men are supposed to internalized emotional turmoil than crying because it is the sign of weakness.When are we going as a society see that crying is natural? it is an outward expression of what might be happening from inside? .I often ask myself when will society be ready to see crying as a sign of bravery which is contrary to the norm of bottling our issues.


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