Grow up, it’s mature thing to do


Our fundamental characters and value systems are fixed during our childhood years.The teenage years are the transitioning years which we move from having no control to having partial control of our lives and complete control during our adult years.Our teenage years underline who we will be most of our lives.There is so much focus and fire when you are a teenager, on how well you are progressing, but most of our adult years we are alone.

How many times do people ask college students or matriculants how is studying going?.But nobody asks how studying going at university or how is work going. And even asked we do not share freely as before, reasons being scared of being looked at as failure according to status norms or society, nor we want to be seen as weak.

Some people reach maturity at the end of their teens, some in their early adult years and others in their late adult years and sadly some never do.Maturity is finding out enough the world and acting accordingly about the broadening your horizons and opening your mind.Maturity is when you do things for the right reasons and considering the consequences of your actions.


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